Chat Pile 'Tenkiller Motion Picture Soundtrack' LP (pre-order 12th May)

Chat Pile 'Tenkiller Motion Picture Soundtrack' LP (pre-order 12th May)

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Oklahoma’s Chat Pile have had an exciting 2022; they released their album 'God’s Country', toured the midwest and east coast in support of the album, announced their appearance at Roadburn Festival 2023, and while the band is working on LP2, they’re revealing details for their score for the indie film Tenkiller.

While not a proper full-length album, the Tenkiller score was written and recorded in the winter of 2020, and it waxes and wanes from the signature Chat Pile sound but also ventures into new ones including arena country music.

The band comments, “The music we made for Tenkiller is quite a bit different than what you may come to expect from us. We were given the freedom to really experiment and explore territories that we’ve never done before.” They continue, “It’s not going to be for everyone, but we hope some of you connect with what we set out to do.”


Track Listing

1. TAH

2. Badman

3. Dad’s Drunk

4. The Fabulous Shitheads

5. LE

6. The Return Of Badman

7. Lake Time (Mr. Rodan)

8. Kids


10. Badman 3: Die Badman Die

11. B4dm4n

12. Punishment Box

13. Beck’s Theme

14. OK

15. Badman V: A New Beginning

16. Bleeding Out

17. Tenkiller