Petite Noir 'MotherFather' ltd edition clear vinyl (pre-order 14th April)

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Petite Noir is the Congolese musician and artist
Yannick Ilunga. Born in Belgium,raised in South
Africa, and now based between London and Paris,
Ilunga is the architect of Noirwave – a musical and
cultural movement that draws creative energy from
punk aesthetics and the fragmented identity of today’s
African diaspora.

MotherFather is his long-awaited second album, and it
has a subtitle: ‘The darkness is comforting
sometimes’. As Ilungna explains: “It’s about going
through the darkness. But it’s also about rebirth.
Because the dark times are needed for us to grow.”

It features production by Dave Sitek of TV On The
Radio, CID RIM, Moshik Kop, Tropics, and a guest
feature from rising star Sampa The Great, and
Grammy-nominated Florida jazz musician Theo


Tracklist . . .

1 777
2 Blurry (feat. Sampa The Great)
3 Numbers
4 Concrete Jungle
5 Skit
6 Finding Paradise
7 Simple Things (feat. Theo Croker)
8 Lili
9 Best One
10 Love Is War
11 Play