The Go! Team 'Thunder, Lightning, Strike' CD with CD-R demos (pre-order 13th Sep)

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20 years of The Go! Team’s Thunder Lightning Strike, 20 years of lasers through tracing paper, orange tone oscillations, cable access hangover, music made through sunburnt circuits, a K-tel dream sequence, a haunted vision mixer, station wagon-core, straight to video, VHS in distress, something in the fog, fluff on the needle, chromakey constellations, a hovercraft on the fret board, maxing the minute maid, faxing a car alarm, a Morse code pep talk, etch-a-sketch jackknife, a daily Haley’s comet, light sound colour motion, a holiday from yourself…



1. Panther Dash               

2. Ladyflash

3. Feelgood by Numbers

4. The Power is On

5. Get It Together

6. We Just Won't Be Defeated

7. Junior Kickstart            

8. Air Raid GTR

9. Bottle Rocket               

10. Friendship Update  

11. Hold Yr Terror Close                

12. Huddle Formation

13. Everyone's a V.I.P. To Someone