Therapy? 'Hard Cold Fire' CD (pre-order 5th May)

Therapy? 'Hard Cold Fire' CD (pre-order 5th May)

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For Northern Ireland-originating rockers Therapy?, resilience and survival have become watchwords.

Enduring over three decades as the musical, cultural and social landscapes have shifted around them, the trio have forged and retained a powerful and lasting connection with a dedicated fan base around the world, doing so by putting their emphasis on the music, solidifying a hard-won reputation as forward-thinking writers and a fierce live proposition in the process.

As Therapy?'s fourth decade finally gets underway in earnest, sixteenth album 'Hard Cold Fire', written and pre-produced during an unprecedented time for music, is hefty, compact, and accessible, a distillation of everything that has made them what they are - hewn from County Antrim basalt, still possessed of their stoicism, but casting a renewed focus on catharsis and healing.




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